Who is The Vincent Hotel Group
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Over de Vincent Hotel Group

Wij zijn The Vincent Hotel Group

We are The Vincent Hotel Group (TVHG). A hotel group consisting of 11 hotels from major hotel chains such as IHG and Hilton. The hotels are operated under franchise agreements with three globally recognized hotel brands, namely Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton by Hilton. The 11 hotels are spread across the country, with seven hotels in Amsterdam and four hotels in major regional centers in Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Arnhem.

What drives us

TVHG has approximately 250 employees. Within TVHG our motto is ''We create the experience behind our brands.'' This means that together with our teams we want to create unforgettable experiences for guests and colleagues. We do this by having sincere attention and pursuing our core values:
Value T
Treating each other with respect, sharing common goals and valuing different points of view, we achieve our highs as a team.
Value V
We are energetic and are full of positivity at work. A hands-on mentality is accompanied by an eye for change and improvement.
Value H
We have a transparent and open working environment, where trust is key.
Value G
We focus on getting results, making changes and striving higher.