Success story Monika

Success story Monika

Hi my name is Monika and I have been employed by TVHG for over three years now. I am working at Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Airport.

I was first introduced to this hotel in 2017 when I started working there in housekeeping. In 2019, the GM of the hotel asked if I wanted to come work for TVHG in the F&B department as a breakfast assistant. It took me 5 weeks to make a decision because I really enjoyed working in housekeeping. Finally I said yes and to this day have not regretted it for a moment!

I started as a breakfast assistant and after about a year I switched to Bar& Restaurant. Then the corona pandemic hit and during that period I really did everything. From cleaning rooms, rinsing, making breakfast packages to working night shifts. During that period my contract expired and I was told I couldn't stay. I hated that, I was enjoying it so much. A week before my contract expired, I was told I could stay on but in the AD position. At the beginning of this year I returned to F&B and am now responsible for dinner and everything that goes with it. Of course I am very happy with this opportunity and the trust they have in me. And it is incredibly fun to do.

I am proud that I am allowed to work for TVHG. The goals they strive for and what TVHG stands for I can identify with very well. And that makes me committed to the 100% and proud to be able to contribute to it.

With us, everyone is equal. No matter where you are from or what your religion is. We treat each other with respect here and let everyone have their due. As a newcomer, you also belong to our team right away. We will do everything we can to ensure that you quickly feel at home with us. There are also plenty of opportunities to develop yourself, they give you that chance too.

My biggest success is that I got the chance to get my Social Hygiene. This makes me feel more confident in the workplace because you learn general catering and drinking rules, but also how to deal with 'difficult' guests, which ensures that the situation does not get any further out of hand.

My goal is to remain committed to the 100% for TVHG and for our guests, for now and in the future. This will not trouble me because I do it with a lot of love and pleasure. Two years ago I took a course in English and I am currently taking a course in German in order to be able to address guests in their own language. My goal is to learn more languages also because it is so much fun to do.

My dream is that I can develop further in the kitchen so that I dare to cater a buffet for groups. That I am confident enough to do that.


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